The VIYNA PORUCH ( WAR IS NEAR) project is aimed to remind Ukrainians and the world community that the war in the East of Ukraine has been going on for the for five years. To recall how much have been paid the Russian agressor to stop the and undermine his plans.
The images used in this project show emotions, feelings, fears of witnesses of the first days of the hostile invasion and the struggle against it.
The project is a system of small street sculptures, located in Kiev downtown. The items  are metallic silhouettes of people in typical poses, which were shot bullets. They were installed to show the analogy with the fate of innocent people who have been accidentally killed during the war. Sculptures emphasize on the spontaneity of death during wartime. Anyone can become a victim of an artillery attack. Society and each person should better understand the threat of war and its consequences.
VIYNA PORUCH is out of any state borders and condemns the war conflicts all over the world, encourages to appreciate every civilian’s life, as well as support the victims in conflicts.

The project also includes NEARBY photo project and FRONTLINE photo exhibition.
The war in the East of Ukraine lasts almost as long as the Second World War. The front line is stable for a long time, although there are shellings every day, Ukrainian soldiers and peaceful people keep on suffering. Life has entered into a customary way, in Kyiv and other large cities, even those close to the front. Daily routine and troubles, night cafes and restaurants are crowded everyday.
VIYNA PORUCH project was developed in partnership with Maidan Museum.

«The emotional project of a talented artist and activist Oles Kromplias is a kind of cold shower for millions of Ukrainians who have come to terms with dry, but methodical television statistics of losses and events on the Ukrainian-Russian war Eastern front and are accustomed to it, an attempt to awaken disappointed and indifferent people from everyday vanity and help them to realize that the struggle for their freedom continues. This project wakes up our conscience, stimulates social responsibility and civic activity. And that is why our institution supports it» – Ihor Poshyvailo, CEO Maidan Museum.