Oles Kromplias – activist, volunteer, documentarian, and photographer.

Was born on December 26, 1983, in the town of Myrhorod, Poltava region, Ukraine. He’s living in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, since his childhood.

In 2007 graduated from National Aviation University as engineer. Since that time he’s working in the field of social and marketing communications as well as production.

Since 2008 began to take photos. For the first years was keen on portrait photography. He has made several covers for magazines. He finally decided to move to the genre of street and documentary photography since 2010.

In 2013 with the beginning of Euromaidan is taking part in several revolution actions as well as on a permanent basis is shooting from the front edge of the contact line, captures and monitors social revolutionary changes in contemporary Ukrainian society with his camera.

May 2014 – Summer 2015 – the beginning of the Russian/Ukrainian conflict in eastern Ukraine as a journalist Oles was embedded in volunteers’ battalions. There Oles, which is direct to all actions, shoots from the front edge of the front all the acutest and dangerous campaigns and fronts areas.

His reports from the hot spots are printed in various publications including Esquire Ukraine. A lot of photos were took part in the exhibition “Donbas: the war and the peace” and exhibited in Kiev, Brussels, London, New York, Prague, and Zagreb.

Since summer 2015 he is also as a role of correspondent and freelancer. Oles continues to work on a project about Ukrainian society transformation projects and raportages for ukrainian online informational resources – shoot in frontline villages and refugee camps.

Also, he started to shoot the PROMKA  project about the defenders of the industrial zone of the frontline town of Avdiivka in autumn 2016 – the hottest point of the whole front. These photos were published in several publications. Later Oles opens a large exposition ROMKA which was exhibited in Kiev, London, Lisbon, Geneva, Zurich, Warsaw and Prague. There are 10 cities around the world are planned within this exposition. Oles releases his first photo book called PROMKA.

April 2017 Oles has gained National Photocontest “Photographre of 2016 year ” in the “Reportage” and “Documental photo” nominations with his PROMKA project.

Oles Kromplias  is currently working on projects aimed to cover Ukrainian-Russian War, humanitarium and social problems all over the world.