Photo series about the civilians life in the village of Shirokino during Donbass war, Ukraine.

Jan 9 2015 The Ukrainian Army decided to protect the large port city of Mariupol, it was decided to push forwards the frontline. National guard Regiment “Azov” got into fights for the village of Shirokino.

The village is located in a dozen kilometers of Mariupol, between Novoazov highway and the coastline. There are a some soviet-style sanatoriums and sellings cooperative society on the beach. The smart residents turned them into rest rooms and rented a twenty dollars for a day.

But the holiday season has been broken from that time. Locals had to leave not only their homes, but also to leave this simple way of earning. Now there are fightings. Daily shelling stuff the village with egg-size splinters, turning the ellings facades into a sieve. Shirokino was repeatedly looted - by terrorists, by local thieves, and by everyone who needed household utensils for personal or military needs.

Ellings stand open, throwing out the whole life of their owners. Looking into each of these worlds, you can try to understand what these people were, what they valued, what they dreamed of.