The project is dedicated to the interpretation of the reaction of society on the unpleasant aspects of reality. The essence of the approach is not the fixation of reality, the statement of facts, or the construction of emotional connections between objects in the photos. It’s in changing the reality, directing uncomfortable space by installing irritants and measuring the reaction to them. This is a project about working with inconvenient reality, the refusal of the peaceful society of Kiyv to remember that there is a war in the country. First, silhouettes of typical inhabitants of the city in typical poses were found in WEB or shot. Then these images were cut from metal, shot with a large number of bullets, and installed in 20 crowded places - parks, squares, shops and underground stations. The second stage was the fixation of this created space, the changed reality and the transfer of author’s own vision of the reaction of others in this space. The use of polaroid emphasizes the effect of the essay, tells that the photographs were made instantly, in the draft. The final version can never be shot as long as exploring such issues is impossible. The photo fixation itself is secondary. Whether the photos were snapped, or the film remained in the cassette, the reaction to the photo itself was already staged in reality.