Santheria is the religion of Cuba, a mixture of Christianity and the ancient African beliefs of Yoruba.  The religion has gained mass distribution on the island over the past 10 years. Neither the authorities nor the Catholic Church have any reasons to stop the spread of these beliefs among the people. Now Christian holidays are already getting Santieri's interpretation. Santheria brings a new understanding of the main postulates of Christianity, complements them and provides African analogues to Catholic saints. Each year, December 16th, on the day of St. Lazarus, thousands of pilgrims gather in a small church in the suburbs of Havana to honor Saint Lazarus, one of the main saints of Santieria.

 The "Santheria" project consists of a photo series about the beliefs of the Cubans and a documentary about the Saterierian priest Dyron. This is a film about his activities, people who appeal to him for help. Santeria moovie is  aimed to reveal the relationship between a young priest and his flock. The project raises problems of adaptation of faith to the realities of modern life, to the Cuban society transitional period. He also tells how ancient religion is combined with new technologies and the temptation of the modern world.

Here is the Santeria movie trailer. We would be very grateful for donations to cover this project and fihish documentary. Feel free to contact us!