The war in Ukraine did not stop after adopting the Minsk agreements in September 2014 . The front line stabilized, but several critical sectors of the front were still hot for a long time. Mariupol, Debaltsevo, Happiness, Avdeevka - hard fightings continued here. However, the most tense point was the Donetsk airport (DAP), located on the outskirts of Donetsk, the capital of separatists. Such closeness was a constant threat to Russian troops and therefore they did not abandon attempts to repel these positions.  The DAP defense by Ukrainian troops was continued for 242 days.  January 2015, Russian troops used the casefire and with the help of deception installed charges and blew up the ceiling of the New DAP terminal, where the positions of Ukrainian soldiers were.

  November 2014 Oles Kromples passed one rotation (a week) at the DAP New Terminal. It was the most dangerous place on Earth at that time.  Distance to the enemy was 50 meters.  There were fights inside the terminal, cold, no normal food, constant darkness. Only a few dozen surrounded Ukrainian soldiers kept the New DAP terminal. It was really difficult to survive. Every day the soldiers and the author had a dialogue with their death, they looked at it through broken walls and broken glass every day.

 The photos and text were published by Esquire Ukraine