In response to the peaceful demonstrations of the participants in the Dignity Revolution, the ukrainian authorities and the party of oligarchs decided to mimic rallies in support of President Yanukovych. These were rallies, which forced people from state enterprises of the Donbas to parcipate. Often they were full of outlaws and drunkards. January 2014  forced people held several rallies and, in contrast to the Maidan tent city , occupied the European square and the Mariinsky Park near government buildings.

  The protection of the camp, the coercion of people to participate in pro-government demonstrations, attacks on the participants of the revival of dignity were provided by so-called titushkas. These were young people  sportswear dressed, well-trained, often formerly convicted. They were led by the police, often cooperation with them, they carried out the force sweeping of peaceful demontrasations. Their mission was to commit physical violence against peaceful demonstrators. They could do anything, knowing that the authorities and the security forces would cover them. In the winter of 2014, the titushkas camp  was established in Mariinsky Park. There were arranged security posts, tents , catering was managed.

  In contrast to all other photographers, Oles Kromplias managed to penetrate this camp several times. It was very risky, because in the event of disclosure, he was threatened with a sinister beating or even death.

  The Antimaydan project is perhaps the only one showing close to these people whose actions were criminal. The project also gives a picture of what happened on Antimaydan, on the other side of the barricades, opposite from the Maidan rallies. The text and  photos were published by С

Here are some footage memories:

 "The most active  nucleus of the anti-Maidans was crazy grandmothers, who constantly shouted their mouths full of gold teeth, threw their fists into the sky and tried to chat with pro-Maidan protesters  through the police line. The sluggish state employed anti-Maidans, which was the majority, was passively pacing and  tried to throw flags and banners. Groups of titushkas, traditionally sportdressed, hoodies and sneakers, sat with their feet on benches, so they warmed their frozen feet in "fashionable" shoes"

 "The pro-presidential demonstrators occupied the European Square. It was difficult to get a carefully staged picture for Russian media. At two entrances from the police, corridors were lined up: you can go out and get some meal  at the Maidan, and just so you could not slip through. On the second attempt I succeeded. Old jeans, summer sharp-nosed shoes, short strict black jacket and a dark hat - and had been Iooked like they"

 "A harsh mining people drains bottles of vodka and smokes "Belomor". The crowd of state employees turned back to the stage and, with the hope of another "ration", drilled the eyes of the field kitchens with black and bitter, like bile, tea. Someone is hugging his woman. Some groups  more prudent and occupied benches. There were simple snacks and a bottle of vodka amoung them."