Life in front-line towns. Marinka, Schastia, Kurakhovo on the Donbass (Ukraine) - small towns are located close to the Ukrainian-Russian war forefront. The Locals are waiting for 5 hours to buy a loaf of hardened bread. Here, pensioners survive for fifty euros  for a month and manage to help the Ukrainian army and homeless cats. Liviving next door to neighbors who do not respect their own state and people. Ignore the shelling, because there is no place to hide. Want to leave the village, but do not have the strength to reach the nearest market. Do not understand the concept of "statehood", but undestand only "the owner" ... Kurakhovo, Marinka, Schastia. Who could, he escaped. Only the elderly are left.

Ukrainians, Russian settlers  of industrialization times, the inhabitants of the Right-Bank Ukraine, who arrived to restore the Donbass after the WWII cohabit here. They live in houses built by the WWII German prisoners and work on mines founded by Europeans, now owned by oligarchs.

Schastia. This is no longer just a forefront town, it is an front line one, one of the most tense points of the war. The reports about shellings, dead and wounded come everyday from here.  Like other forefront villages, Schastia looks  deserted. There's hot dry air. However,  there is an indescribable tension in the "human field" in it. It looks like the first days of September, when it's just as warm, as in Summer,  but the cool flavor of autumn is felt.  The soldiers presence is observed everywhere. I catching herself on the idea that my eyes constantly scan the street, searching where to escape from the sudden shelling.

September 2016 photos and texts were published in